Mastercard logo logotype 2016


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  • 03 Feb

    University of Amsterdam logo

    University logo

    Established in 1632, the UvA (Universiteit van Amsterdam) is a public university located in Amsterdam, ...

  • 14 Feb

    Wacom logo

    Computer hardware logo

    Founded in 1983, Wacom is a Japanese company specializes in graphics tablets and related products。

  • 02 Oct

    Firefox logo

    Browser logo

    彩库宝典appThe current Firefox logo was released on Oct 2019。 Firefox is a free and open-source 。。。

  • 13 Jan

    Great Bear logo

    彩库宝典appLogistics logo

    Great Bear are a leading 3rd party UK logistics business providing nationwide dedicated and shared ...

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    Activision logo

    Video game logo

    彩库宝典appFounded in 1979, Activision is an American video game publisher, is now one of the 。。。

  • 26 Dec

    FIBA logo

    Federation logo

    FIBA (International Basketball Federation) is an association of national organizations which governs international competition in 。。。

  • 23 Dec

    c|net logo

    Internet logo

    Founded in 1994,CNET is an American media website that publishes reviews and news on technology 。。。

  • 09 Feb

    Amvest logo

    Real estate logo

    The current Amvest logo was designed by VBAT。 Formed in 1997 from a joint venture 。。。

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