• 14 Nov

    Danish Crown logo

    Agri logo

    彩库宝典appThe current Danish Crown logo was unveiled on Nov 16, 2019, and designed by Kontrapunkt。 。。。

  • 04 Mar

    AGATHA logo


    Founded by Michel Quiniou in 1974, AGATHA is an iconic French jewellery brand that fuses ...

  • 18 Jan

    Waymo logo


    The Waymo logo was designed by Manual and Waymo In-house. Founded in December 2016, Waymo ...

  • 04 Mar

    Kenzo logo

    Fashion logo

    The current Kenzo logo was released on Mar 4, 2020, designed as a construction game, ...

  • 01 Feb

    Zara logo

    Fashion logo

    Redesigned by New York based studio Baron & Baron, the new Zara logo was released ...

  • 08 Dec

    Dior logo

    Fashion logo

    The current Dior logo was released on Dec 2018, with all uppercase letter。 Dior is 。。。

  • 08 Aug

    Burberry logo

    Fashion logo

    The current Burberry logo was released on Aug 2018 and designed by English art director ...

  • 02 Oct

    Swarovski logo

    Fashion logo

    The original Swarovski logo was an edelweiss flower, which was replaced by the current swan ...

  • 05 Feb

    Calvin Klein logo

    Fashion logo

    The current Calvin Klein logo was introduced on Feb 3, 2017, and was designed in ...

04 Mar

BMW logo

Auto logo

The current BMW logo was released on Mar 4, 2020. The new logo and brand ...

03 Feb

SSC Tuatara logo

Auto logo

彩库宝典appThe SSC Tuatara is an upcoming American sports car to be produced by automobile manufacturer ...

20 Jan

Genesis logo

Auto logo

The Genesis logo is a black hexagonal shield framed by a pair of wings. Officially ...

13 Oct

Volkswagen R logo

Auto logo

彩库宝典appThe current Volkswagen R logo was released on Oct 7, 2019, and developed at the 。。。

21 Sep

FF logo

Auto logo

彩库宝典appEstablished in May 2014 by Jia Yueting, Faraday Future (FF) is a California-based global shared ...

10 Sep

Volkswagen logo

Auto logo

The current Volkswagen logo was released on Sep 10, 2019, designed in-house. Volkswagen is a ...

24 Sep

Hyundai logo

Auto logo

The current Hyundai logo relaunched in Stp 2017, and designed by Creative Works, the company’s ...

29 Jul

Mustang logo

Auto logo

Adored by all auto fans from all over the world, the Mustang logo was designed ...

26 Apr

Audi logo

Auto logo

The current Audi logo released on April 2017, and designed by Munich-based KMS TEAM cooperate ...

30 Nov

Alpina logo

Auto logo

Founded in 1965 by Burkard Bovensiepen, Alpina is a Germany automobile manufacturing company based in ...

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